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Project Description
Ribbon manager webpart permits to you make a custom page UI for sharepoint 2010, You can select that buttons need show and hide for all display list controls embebed when you make clic into a list control webpart to block the user access to ribbon buttons in any moment.

It's developed in C# webpart proyect in Visual Studio 2010.

This Feature allows you selectively show and hide menu items on the standard list/library ribbon. The feature adds a new web part to the gallery that you can place on any list/library view page. Once placed on the page, you can use the properties of the web part to show or hide tabs and buttons. This is the perfect solution for hiding a single menu item such as “Export to Spreadsheet” to prevent users from taking that action of the user into a specific page in Sharepoint 2010.

This webpart is easy to use and deploy, usefull to control the display UI ribbon for content types into custom list.

If you need more security you can publish one especific page per user or group.

See the 32 webpart example options capable here:

Show/Hide List
Show/Hide Actions
Show/Hide Item Settings
Show/Hide New
Show/Hide New folder
Show/Hide Edititem
Show/Hide Versions
Show/Hide Item Permissions
Show/Hide Delete
Show/Hide Attachfile
Show/Hide Alert
Show/Hide Workflow
Show/Hide Defaultview
Show/Hide Datasheet
Show/Hide Newrow
Show/Hide Createview
Show/Hide Viewproperties
Show/Hide Modifyview
Show/Hide Addcolumn
Show/Hide Navigateup
Show/Hide Currentview
Show/Hide Email library link
Show/Hide Alertme
Show/Hide Rss
Show/Hide ExportToSpreadsheet
Show/Hide Outlook
Show/Hide Workspace
Show/Hide Customize
Show/Hide List Settings
Show/Hide List Permissions
Show/Hide Workflows
Show/Hide SelectView

* This project is new in CodePlex any feedback will be highly appreciated !

Other new interesting proyects is !!


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